Fees, benefits and support

Our competitive fees and allowances ensure that you are not out of pocket when fostering, and you will also receive further benefits and practical support.


We currently pay the following fees and allowances per child:

Weekly payment
Payments Child aged 0 to 10 Child aged 11-18
Weekly fee  £173.40  £204
Weekly allowance  £200.70  £261.10
Standard weekly total  £374.10  £465.10
Enhancement  n/a  £200
Weekly total  £374.10  £665.10


Other financial support

We also offer:

  • Additional allowances for holidays, birthdays and festive celebrations
  • Additional payment and benefits, based on the needs of individual children
  • Time-limited retention payments if you are not allocated a child
  • A £1,000 referral fee if you recommend friends and family members who go on to become foster carers
  • Bonuses in recognition of long service

In the UK, you will also benefit from extra tax benefits.

Additional benefits and support

In addition to our fees, we offer:

  • An allocated supervising social worker, who will visit on a regular basis to offer advice and support to you and your family. You will also be able to reach out to your social worker for immediate support if needed
  • An out of hours social worker support service
  • Additional help from the Placement Support Team if you are looking after children who have specific needs. This may involve supporting you in caring for the child, including or working directly with the child
  • Annual social events for foster carers to celebrate their successes together
  • Continuing training to keep you up to date with legislation and child development issues
  • Support groups to allow you to share your experiences with other foster carers
  • Access to Fosterline, run by the Fostering Network. Open 9am to 5pm Monday to Friday, this provides information and advice for foster carers and people thinking about becoming foster carers.