Recruitment and assessment process

Step 2 - Home visit

Once you have discussed your interest in fostering, one of our social workers will contact you to arrange a visit to you in your home to see your accommodation, including the bedrooms, and to meet everyone in your household.

This meeting is an opportunity for us and you to explore in more detail why you'd like to become a foster carer and the skills and personal qualities you and your partner (if you have one) can bring to the role. If you are fostering with a partner you must both be at home for the visit.

If appropriate, we will also discuss with you how you think you would work with children who have been neglected and abused and who present challenging behaviour, and how you think fostering will affect your life.

We will complete an application form and give you a consent form to complete so we can start your background checks. This will include criminal record declaration, references and medical history. We will also take up your personal and employer references.

After this, the supervising social worker will write a report about your discussion and decide whether to proceed with you to the next stage.

We have enjoyed the company of some lovely children in our home and it's great when a fostered child is happy and feels at ease with you and is at home with you.