Recruitment and assessment process

Step 5 - Fostering panel and approval

The social worker assessing you will write a detailed report, which you must agree is accurate before it is presented to our fostering panel which is run by people with insight and experience of the needs of children and young people in Wandsworth's care.

You will be invited to the fostering panel and your social worker will present your assessment to them and they will make a recommendation as to your suitability as a prospective foster carer.

This is then sent to the Assistant Director for Children's Specialist Services, as Agency Decision Maker, who will make the final decision about whether to approve you as a foster carer, and how many children you should foster and what age they should be. Your approval will then be reviewed every year.

The decision will be sent to you in writing but sometimes a decision may be to postpone your approval until certain points are clarified or additional information supplied. In this case, your social worker will help you to complete tasks and return to the panel at a later date.

If you disagree with the decision, you can appeal by writing to the same person.