Recruitment and assessment process

Step 6 - After approval

If you are approved

Once approved, you will be allocated a 'supervising social worker', who will support and monitor your progress as a carer.

They will contact you to arrange a visit, to ensure you are ready to foster, provide you with appropriate equipment, and begin your induction. You will be offered ongoing training and opportunities to meet other foster carers.

The Placement Duty Team will talk to the child's social worker and your supervising social worker and will then match the foster carer most able to meet the needs of a child or young person. We will let you know if you are a possible match and, if you agree, a planned introduction with the child will start.

A placement planning meeting will be arranged before placement (unless in an emergency or for an immediate placement) and a written agreement drawn up and signed. You will be provided with a number of documents for the child which will include the child's care plan.

A child or young person will then be placed with you. Their age and length of stay depends on the type of fostering you are approved for and the child's care plan.

If you are not approved

You have the right to be told why your assessment is terminated and the reasons for any panel decisions. There is a review process that you can request if you think that the decision is not fair or that you have been misrepresented.